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Art Books

BOOK 'Cyril Power Linocuts: A Complete Catalogue' Philip Vann

BOOK 'Cyril Power Linocuts: A Complete Catalogue' Philip Vann

In stock

Philip Vann

Cyril E. Power (1872-1951) was a leading member of the Grosvenor School of Modern Art in London in the 1920s and 1930s under the inspirational leadership of Claude Flight. Flight's Grosvenor School artists were responsible for the remarkable rise of the colour linocut print during this period, and their significance as a major contribution to modern British art between the wars is now beginning to be fully and widely appreciated.

Now reprinted in hardback due to popular demand, this book assesses Cyril Power's achievement as a dynamic avant-garde printmaker, and shows how in his work the potential of linocut printmaking as a semi-abstract language was realised to an impressively original degree. It is the first book to establish Power as an extraordinarily creative printmaker in his own right, cataloguing and illustrating in colour for the first time all 46 of his linocuts. Philip Vann traces many sources of inspiration for Power's work - the linocuts of the German Expressionists, the influence of the Italian Futurists, Vorticist prints and painting, as well as contemporary literature and film. In addition, more subtle affinities between Power's art and works by Mark Gertler, František Kupka and Duchamp are drawn out. The complete catalogue is followed by a selection of posters that Power designed for the London Underground with Sybil Andrews, under the name of Andrew Power.

Cyril Power Linocuts is an essential resource for all those with a specialist or amateur interest in the vibrant prints of this period.
Contents: Acknowledgments; Foreword, Gordon Samuel; 'Rhythms of Colour and Light': The Linocut Art of Cyril Power, Philip Vann; Complete Catalogue of Linocuts; Credits.
About the Author: Philip Vann is author of numerous books on modern British artists, including Dora Holzhandler, Joash Woodrow, William Crozier, Greg Tricker, Tessa Newcomb and Keith Vaughan. He has written many catalogue essays on British and Irish painters and sculptors, and surveys of subjects including British folk art and modern Eastern European art. His critically-acclaimed book Face to Face: British Self-Portraits in the Twentieth Century was published in 2004.
Reviews: 'This approachable study, full of energetic antidotes to the Bloomsbury brand of Modernism, is thoroughly recommended.' (Printmaking Today)

'This beautifully written, generously illustrated book is essential for anyone involved in making art which reflects their own times and is thus relevant for all time.' (The Artist)

Co-publisher: Published in associated with Osborne Samuel

Price: 30.00

BOOK 'Eric Ravilious: Masterpieces of Art' Was 12.99, offer price 8.00

BOOK 'Eric Ravilious: Masterpieces of Art' Was £12.99, offer price £8.00

In stock

The Art of Fine Gifts: Twentieth-century painter, designer and wood engraver Eric Ravilious was responsible for a fascinating range of different works, from illustrations for books to designs for ceramics for the established Wedgwood pottery firm. This gorgeous new book features beautiful woodcut images of countryside life, watercolours of rolling landscapes and many of Ravilious' acute and profound war paintings.

Product details:
Author Susie Hodge
Hardback: 12,000 words, 128 pages, 100 illustrations
RRP £12.99
ISBN: 9781783616046
Series: Masterpieces of Art
Dimensions: 231 x 203 x 17 mm

Price: 8.00

BOOK 'Eric Ravilious: Artist and Designer' by Alan Powers

BOOK 'Eric Ravilious: Artist and Designer' by Alan Powers

In stock

'Eric Ravilious: Artist and Designer' by Alan Powers

Hardback, 270 x 249mm, 216 pages, 163 colour and 52 B&w illustrations

More popular than ever, the work of Eric Ravilious (1903-42) is rooted in the landscape of pre-war and early wartime England. This new book by Alan Powers, the established authority on Ravilious, provides the most comprehensive overview to date of the artist's work in all media - watercolour, illustration, printmaking, graphic design, textiles and ceramics - and firmly positions Ravilious as a major figure in the history of early 20th-century British art.

In an accessible and engaging text, copiously illustrated with reproductions of work drawn from a range of sources, Alan Powers discusses the part Ravilious' work played in creating an English style, positioned between tradition and modernism, and borrowing from naive and popular art of the past. The book analyses Ravilious' different spheres of activity in turn, covering his education and formative influences, his mural painting, his printmaking and illustration, his work as leader in forming a new style of watercolour painting between the wars and his final period as an official War Artist. In a career curtailed by an early death, Ravilious also played a significant role as a designer; Powers argues that Ravilious showed how decoration and historical reference could find a place in the reform of the applied arts whilst simultaneously renewing a sense of national identity.

Eric Ravilious will be welcomed by all those with an interest in an artist whose imagination was backed by great skill and a sharp eye for the unusual.
Contents: Preface; 1. 'Slightly somewhere else': The formation of an artist; 2. 'A clear mental image: Books and prints; 3. 'Distilled out of the ordinary experience': Paintings in watercolour; 4. 'Frankly and happily ornamental': Eric Ravilious and design; 5. The war through artists' eyes; Conclusion: English Eden with 'a biting edge'; Chronology; Public Collections; Bibliography; Acknowledgements and Image Credits; Index.
About the Author: Alan Powers was Professor of Architecture and Cultural History at the University of Greenwich until 2012. His research covers a wide range of topics, including architecture, painting, typography, illustration and textiles, and he has a particular interest in exploring new interpretations of the emergence of modernism in Britain in the 20th century. Guest curator of the centenary exhibition, Eric Ravilious: Imagined Realities, at the Imperial War Museum (2003), his other books include Britain in the series Modern Architectures in History (2007) and Curwen: Art and Print (2008).
Reviews: 'Despite his erudition, Dr Powers wears his learning lightly and writes elegantly and concisely [...]. This new study of Ravilious is a pleasure to read, besides being packed with unexpected insights and detailed analysis. Dr Powers goes straight to the heart of Ravilious' art [... and] is particularly good on technical information straightforwardly phrased. [...] There have been a number of Ravilious publications in recent years, but this is by far the most informative and well-crafted account of all aspects of this remarkable artist's achievement.' Andrew Lambirth, Country Life

Nominated for the William M. B. Berger Prize for British Art History 2013/14

"'Eric Ravilious: Artist and designer' is not intended as a biography as such, but rather a survey of Ravilious's work in chapters covering these various facets of his career, ordered roughly chronologically." Clare Griffiths, Art History, May 2014

"Powers's monograph tries to do something different and will be accessible to a wider market, while also being beautifully produced. [...] It is richly illustrated, including sumptuous details from some of the watercolours." Clare Griffiths, Art History, May 2014

Price: 35.00

BOOK John Knapp-Fisher 'My Life- all the little things

BOOK John Knapp-Fisher 'My Life- all the little things

In stock

John Knapp Fisher 'My Life - all the little things (BOOK)

An illustrated autobiography with beautiful artwork and photographs.

In the near fifty years since John Knapp-Fisher opened his studio gallery on the crossroads at Croesgoch on the St David's peninsula of Pembrokeshire he has built and developed a huge following. Trevigan Cottage has always been a memorably hospitable place for friends with epic occasions of serious conversation as well as hilarious conviviality. Added to that has been the growing circle of those who perhaps first as holiday visitors to the gallery have found a ready welcome from the working artist and seen the strength of his work. They have found a man of craggy determination with commitment to his painting like a rock at the centre of his being. They have found in John a prevailing presence. He has spent so much time out in the landscape observing, drawing, sketching, painting in all the weathers of which Pembrokeshire is capable. His understanding of the dark and the light, the sea and its craft, the harbours, the fields and mountains, the farms and chapels and cottages set in their distinctive horizons has made him the visual voice of this most compelling place.

(Paul & Mary Medlicott)

Price: 27.00

BOOK 'A First Book of Nature' by Nicola Davies and Mark Hearld

BOOK 'A First Book of Nature' by Nicola Davies and Mark Hearld

In stock

'A First Book of Nature' by Nicola Davies, Illustrated by Mark Hearld

Publication Date: 3 April 2014

From beachcombing to stargazing, from watching squirrels, ducks and worms to making berry crumble or a winter bird feast, this is a remarkable book - part poetry, part scrapbook of recipes, facts and fragments - and a glorious reminder that the natural world is on our doorstep waiting to be discovered. Mark Hearld's pictures beautifully reproduce the colours of the seasons on woodfree paper, and Nicola Davies' lyrical words capture the simple loveliness that is everywhere, if only we can look.

Price: 14.00